Q: Exactly how does paintless dent removal work?

A: Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the process of manipulating or massaging the back part of the dent until the metal is restored to it's original shape. We do this with various specialized tools of different shapes and sizes that are able to reach behind the panels of your to access dent.

Q: Do over the counter products and techniques work?

A: These products are not advised by any reputable PDR company. They usually do not work and can actually do more damage to the car. Nothing beats an experienced PDR technician.

Q: Will the paint on the vehicle be affected?

A: Generally not. Paint is flexible enough to withstand the manipulation of a dent. Sometimes a dent may be oversized, too deep, or on a body line which may cause minimal paint damage. An experienced technician uses oversight and informs the customer of this ahead of time to see if they would like to proceed or recommend body and paint work.

Q: Do I need to notify my insurance?

A: It is not necessary. Most PDR companies do not work with insurance companies. They have found that most repairs can be done much cheaper than the customer's deductible. This prevents your insurance premiums from rising unnecessarily.